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A conversation with Flip the Script

Flip the Script Sexual Assault Resistance Education program is a 12-hour workshop at the University of Windsor. In February 2021, senior instructor Deb Chard spoke with Anne Redzinski in a one-hour interview for Flip The Script.

Wen-Do in Eastern Europe

Our Bodies, Our Wen-Do By Hanna Liubakova for Transitions With domestic violence rates in Belarus among the highest in Europe and few legal protections, some women are turning to self-defense classes. On an early Saturday morning some 15 women gather…

Laurier hosts Wen-Do self defence classes

By Olivia Jones for The Cord On Wednesday Jan. 23, the first class of a five-week series of Wen-Do Women’s Self Defence was hosted for students on the Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo campus. The Laurier Sexual Violence Education Action Group,…

Wen-Do Warrior

Arij Elmi gained the courage to speak up against racist comments after studying self-defense. Now she teaches other women to do the same By Megan Easton for University of Toronto Magazine The sounds of kids playing in Christie Pits Park on…