Women’s Self Defence

Celebrating 50 Years in 2022

Upcoming Trainings

Wen-Do is Canada‘s oldest women’s self-defence organization. Wen-Do classes are currently taught online or in-person – please explore upcoming class opportunities for further information.

What is Wen-Do?

Wen-Do is a program designed for women by women. Techniques are designed for women of all ages, sizes, and abilities. A combination of discussion, with practical physical skills results in an integration of mental and physical preparedness.

News & Stories

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Meet some of our certified instructors.

Leslie Allin

For this university lecturer, Wen-Do is about bringing together an understanding of oppression and the practical tools to fight back.

Deb Chard

Long-time instructor working in high schools and with expertise serving women with mobility or visual disabilities.

Shailagh Keaney

Arts-based facilitator, social worker, psychotherapist and Wen-Do instructor with expertise working with queer communities.

“We encourage all organizations that value women and girls’ safety to sponsor Wen-Do classes, as we ourselves have done since 2005. Taking Wen-Do is a tremendously empowering experience, in which countless participants have discovered an inner strength and confidence that they didn’t know they had. The instructors have an in-depth understanding of multiple aspects of violence against women and girls, and teach with great skill and sensitivity to participants’ needs.”

— Sexual Assault Survivors’ Support Line at York University