Ways to Support Wen Do

Wen-Do Women’s Self Defence is a small registered charity, and we really appreciate any help you can offer!

Your donation will enable us to keep offering Intermediate Wen-Do courses on a pay-what-you-can basis, so that women and girls of all income levels can benefit from the strength, confidence, and skills they gain through Wen-Do.

You are entitled to a charitable tax receipt for all donations.

It is quick, easy, and secure to donate online. Click here to donate through the CanadaHelps website or click here to donate through Wen-Do’s PayPal account.

Send a cheque in any amount to:

Wen-Do Women’s Self Defence
P.O. Box 92017
1562 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON
M4J 1N4

It helps to know we have a community! Click here to join our Facebook page, click here to send us your success stories, or tag us on social media and tell us why you love #WenDo.

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