Muslim Women’s Fund

The Muslim Women’s Fund is the product of a crowdfunding campaign organized by WenDo Instructor, Arij Elmi in the fall of 2015.  Over 40 supporters across the US and Canada donated to this LaunchGood campaign in response to the rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in Canada.

Wend-do was able to offer 6 free workshops for Muslim women and girls to learn a wide variety of physical and verbal self-defence techniques, discuss the impact of Islamaphobia and other forms of violence in their lives and explore strategies for change.

Thanks to the following organizations for participating:

Association for New Canadians

Canadian Council of Muslim Women

Islamic Social Services RA

Maingate Islamic Academy

Muslim Association of Canada Toronto- Sisters in the 6ix

Warden Woods Community Centre

“These incredible Muslim women and girls have given me the best Wen-Do Women’s Self Defence course to date! We had 40 women and girls show up the the class, at the Association for New Canadian’s, most of whom are new to Newfoundland from Syria.  After an hour with the young girls and then an hour with the adult women, I invited them to come together and do our “Who’s the Boss” in beautiful Arabic (with the help of an incredible translator who I hope becomes a Wen-Do instructor she was so skilled). I was fighting back tears I was so moved. Thank you to the women and girls from around the globe for your power and strength in fighting back against sexism, racism, homophobia, and the patriarchy.”
Renee Sharpe – Wen Do Instructor, St. John’s, Newfoundland