2-Saturday Basic Course in Kitchener

This is a 2-part course taught in cooperation with Queen Street Yoga in Kitchener.

Sat April 29 & Sat May 6
1pm-8pm (both days)
$150+hst regular price
$125+hst when you register by April 8

Registration is here: http://bit.ly/2nq7nna

In Wen-Do, we learn verbal and physical self-defence techniques. We develop our relationship to our voice, our bodies, and – our most potent weapon of all – our minds. Wen-Do is the longest-running women’s self-defence organization in Canada. It is a survivor-centered and empowering educational program, designed to be effective against physically larger and stronger attackers.

This course is open to all women, transwomen included.
No yoga or movement experience is necessary.